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The project aims to develop a truly innovative façade solution based on the smart integration of highly energy efficient components, including super-insulative elements, solar energy harvesting and active energy storage features, all in one single combined active/passive management system especially addressed for modern curtain walls facades in non-residential buildings.

POWERSKIN+ intends to be at the forefront of the first generation of off-site prefabricated, modular “ready-to-buy” and easy-to-install glazing and opaque elements, with sustainable eco-designed connecting framings, improved functional coatings, active and passive thermal energy storage (TES) technology solutions and BiPV cells. The solar electric harvesting features will be matched and completed with a dedicated large-capacity building electric storage system, in a true energy management turn-key package. Visit the CORDIS for more information.

Project started: 1st of October, 2019

Duration: 54 months

Project end: 31st of March, 2024

Powerskin+ final video

The Powerskin+ project has reached its end, and we are excited to share our final video! Dive into the journey of the project as our partners reflect on their collaborative efforts and provide insights into the project's vision, methodology and outcomes.

Powerskin+ Going Beyond workshop

While buildings in Europe account for a substantial share of energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, the EU’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 places a huge pressing demand for innovative building solutions to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability that can drive the transition of a sector that plays a pivotal role in fighting climate change. Efforts to improve energy efficiency in buildings may involve numerous approaches, such as optimising heating, cooling, and lighting systems, incorporating renewable energy sources, enhancing insulation and window design, and using smart building technology.

Implementing these measures can decrease energy use by up to 50% in certain situations. Knowing that non-residential buildings are typically much more energy-intensive than residential ones, the demand for more environmentally friendly and efficient public and commercial & service buildings is significant, and innovation in building façade solutions, mainly based on curtain wall systems, is crucial to attaining the 2050 targets and to address climate change challenges.

The POWERSKIN+ project final workshop “Going Beyond: Innovative Integration of Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Solutions in Building Design”, organized by the project coordinator Instituto Pedro Nunes, features diverse speakers covering key aspects central to advancing sustainable construction practices in Europe, particularly innovative building façade solutions for curtain wall systems.The topics addressed include:

• European research projects focusing on cutting-edge developments in modular façade technology

• Innovative solutions for enhancing building envelopes

• Advancements in glass systems to improve performance and aesthetics

• Use of simulation tools for optimizing energy efficiency in buildings

• Biogenic materials for sequestering atmospheric carbon

• Integration of advanced superinsulation for opaque module solutions

• Building integrated photovoltaics for renewable energy generation

• The potential of repurposing Post EV batteries cells for sustainable and ultimately energy-plus building applications

The Going Beyond workshop provides a valuable contribution to the building industry, construction professionals, associations and stakeholders, academic researchers and students, policymakers, public authorities and procurers, contractors, and the general public while providing a platform to display current drive innovations and near future solutions, exchange knowledge and foster collaboration in sustainable building practices.

Ultimately, the innovative integration of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions in building design has the potential to catalyze transformative changes in Europe’s building sector, aligning with EU climate goals, and fostering a more sustainable built environment for future generations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers who participated and shared their insights and contributions. Your expertise and dedication have enriched our workshop and inspired all those in attendance. We are truly grateful for your presence and the impact you have made.


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