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Starting from TRL5 technology, the ultimate objective of the 4-year project is to generate a set of POWERSKIN+ hybrid-enabled system prototypes and demonstrate them in an operational environment (TRL7), thus treading the path for future exploitation of non-residential Plus Energy Buildings, as the primary market entrance.


Project’s objectives are:

  • To develop and scale-up eco-innovative, cost-effective and smart material solutions for modern curtain wall facades in non-residential buildings.
  • To integrate highly innovative insulations and renewable energy technologies with breakthrough features based on vacuum insulation panels (VIP), phase change materials (PCM), flexible thin glass perovskite solar cells and multi-functional nano-enabled coatings.
  • To create a comprehensive POWERSKIN+ portfolio comprising off-site prefabricated modular “ready-to-buy” and ‘easy-to-install glazing and opaque elements, a sustainable eco-designed connecting framing, and a dedicated large capacity electric building storage system.
  • To develop and test a POWERSKIN+ portfolio up to pre-commercial stage end-products.
  • To facilitate POWERSKIN+’s market uptake by optimal compatibility without additional structural modification.
  • To validate POWERSKIN+ system in three different locations and building types in Portugal, Germany and Czech republic, and assessing the environmental sustainability and benefits of the POWERSKIN+ solutions through LCA, LCCA and SLCA approaches.


POWERSKIN+ presents a radically new vision for energy insulation and the renewable generation that will combine a number of state-of-the-art developments in highly energy-efficient materials and superinsulation elements, solar energy harvesting components, and active energy storage features, with breakthrough technologies based on novel developments on VIP, PCM, flexible thin glass solar cell and multi-functional nano-enabled coatings.

The vision is materialized in the development of modern curtain wall facades for non-residential buildings, comprising the first generation of off-site prefabricated glazing and opaque elements with eco-designed framings, multi-functional coatings with self-cleaning, light-reflective or absorbing, self-healing properties, active and passive thermal energy storage and integrated semi-transparent PV cells, novel non-intrusive vacuum technologies and in the implementation of three demonstration constructions.

POWERSKIN+ will create and validate pilot nZEB and Plus Energy Buildings (PEB) that can also be affordable, provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, and be adaptable to different climatic conditions, occupant comfort thresholds and energy efficiency requirements.


The smart combination of:

  • insulation/climate control
  • energy harvesting and storage
  • minimum adaptation and skilled installation requirements

offers POWERSKIN+ modules a unique place in the renovation market.

For less demanding retrofitting scenarios or lower budgets, POWERSKIN+ standard option, solely comprising the transport /opaque superinsulation modular features, will still be a strong market competitor to allow office and commercial buildings to reach nZEB standards.


IPN | Instituto Pedro Nunes
FSU JENA | Friedrich-Schiller-Universität
BUL | Brunel University
FGS | Flachglas Sachsen
POLITO | Politecnico di
OBU | Oxford Brookes
CVUT | České vysoké učení technické v
NAVODNIK | Navodnik Kemijski Inzeniring
SAULE SP ZOO | Saule Technologies
WUT | Politechnika
AMSOLUTIONS | Advanced Management Solutions - Proigmenes Erevnitikes & Diahiristikes
SRI | Fundacja Saule Research