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27. 09. 2023

Demosite | News from Flachglas Sachsen

Exciting News from Flachglas Sachsen in Sülzfeld: Our Façade Installation Is up!

This transformation was no small feat, and we're thrilled to take you through the steps that brought this demonstration to life:

-Specialized Framing: LaWin modules, boasting dual frames with an inner frame, were installed in preparation.

-Out with the old: The existing façade elements were removed.

-Framing System Assembly: The new framing system was assembled and secured to the façade.

-Waterproofing: The sides and the bottom of the framing system had been sealed.

-Module Installation: Modules were added one by one, starting from the top.

-Sensor Integration: Certain modules received interior sensors by ČVUT UCEEB.

-Junction Boxes: Saule Technologies Inc. installed junction boxes on the PV modules.

-Hydraulic System Setup: The hydraulic system's installation is on the horizon, led by ČVUT UCEEB in the coming days.

Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative transformation!

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