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20. 10. 2023

News | 11th General Assembly Meeting

On the 11th and 12th of October, the city of Prague in the Czech Republic played host to the 11th General Assembly meeting of the Powerskin+ project. This gathering, which was organized by the partners from Czech Technical University (CTU), promised an opportunity for partners to catch up, exchange ideas, and discuss their work.

The event commenced with partners being treated to a traditional Czech welcome dinner at a restaurant nestled in the heart of Prague's city centre. The second day, the focal point of the assembly, took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at CTU. The host, Zdenko Malik, extended a warm welcome, and the project coordinator, Jorge Corker, took the stage to provide an overview of the project's current status.

Following the opening remarks, each partner had the opportunity to present the status of their respective work packages and outline the next steps in their individual areas of focus. After a productive morning of presentations and discussions, the group reconvened for a well-deserved lunch. Energized, the participants then embarked on a field trip to the demo site at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Building, located just outside Prague.

This visit offered a firsthand look at the developed innovative technologies, systems and facilities of the university. The meeting drew to a close with a memorable group photo on the roof of the centre, where partners bid each other farewell.

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