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12. 04. 2023

News | Assembling Opaque Module for Demo Site

Our partners from Instituto Pedro Nunes and Flachglas Sachsen GmbH have been working diligently on assembling the opaque modules for the Powerskin+ demo site. Before assembling, the glass was coated and PVs laminated. For the first step, the outer skin with glass laminated PV was placed on the table, the spacers were placed on top, close to the edge, with the butyl band for the first seal. The 3 VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels) and small pieces of XPS to fill the gaps, were placed inside the spacers and on top of the laminated glass. The VIPs ensure that the module is well insulated, providing excellent thermal protection for the building. The inner glass skin was then placed on top of everything and the sides of the module were double-sealed with butyl, ensuring that the module was completely air-tight and secure. Finally, the junction boxes were added to the PV connectors, completing the assembly of the opaque modules. Thank you to our partners for the detailed explanation of the process of assembly of the opaque modules. See the process in our gallery.
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